Aviation Museum Society Finland

Briefly in English:

The Aviation Museum Society Finland was founded in 1969 as a national association that supports the pursuit of Finnish aviation history.

The society's focus was on building and maintaining a national aviation museum from its establishment until the foundation in 1996. The first permanent exhibition was opened on the ground floor of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in 1972.

Today, the Aviation Museum Society is an active player of over 1,200 members by supporting six Finnish aviation museums according to its resources. Anyone interested in aviation history can join the society. Membership does not require participation in the activities of the society.

The forms of operations of the Aviation Museum Society Finland are:

  • Excursions to historical and other interesting places
  • Seminar events
  • Special volunteering (aircraft restoration at the Finnish Aviation Museum)
  • Four issues aviation historical Feeniks magazine and one special Feeniks issue every year
  • Owner and operator of Hawk Experience Center including cockpit part of BAe Hawk Mk.51 jet trainer
  • Owner of Focke-Wulf Fw 44J SZ-18 (now in the Shopping Center Tuulonen at Tuulos, Hämeenlinna) and sport aircraft Viri (now in the K-Citymarket Seppälänkangas at Jyväskylä)