Aviation Museums in Finland

There are six Aviation Museums in Finland:

  1. Finnish Air Force Museum at Tikkakoski near Jyväskylä
  2. Hallinportti Aviation Museum at Halli near Jämsä
  3. Päijänne-Tavastia Aviation Museum at Vesivehmaa near Asikkalassa
  4. Karelia Aviation Museum at Lappeenranta
  5. Aviation Museum of Karhula Flying Club at Kymi near Kotka
  6. Finnish Aviation Museum at Vantaa.


The Finnish Air Force Museum near Jyväskylä and Finnish Aviation Museum at Vantaa are the biggest aviation museums in Finland. Finnish Air Force Museum focuses on military aircraft and Finnish Aviation Museum on training and civil aircraft.

Other aviation museums are smaller but interesting, too. In addition to whole aircraft you can see aircraft parts like engines, propellers, avionics, weapon and photos.

Due to lack of showroom and other reasons, some aircraft are in storages and in other places.