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Afterburner on! MiG-21 in Finland 1963-1998

The author of the book: Jukka Hoffrén.

The MiG-21 appeared in the Finnish sky in 1963 when Finland purchased 21 MiG-21F-13s for the Finnish Air Force from the Soviet Union. In those days MiG-21 was one of the best jet day fighters. When they became obsolete, Finland replaced them with 26 MiG-21BIS all-weather fighters during 1978–1986. Including the replacing aircraft and two-seaters, the Finnish Air Force had in all 54 MiG-21s. MiG-21 flew its last flight in the Finnish Air Force on 7th of March, 1998. After that it has been impossible to exceed Mach 2 within the Finnish Air Force. This book tells the story of MiG-21 in Finland from the 1960s.

The author is an aviation history enthusiast from Aviation Museum Society Finland.

There is two versions, Finnish version and English version.

Book info:

  • ISBN 978-952-7044-60-5
  • 1. edition published on 31st of March, 2021. Available on 14th of April, 2021.
  • Size B5 (182 mm x 257 mm)
  • Hardcover, adhesive binding
  • Number of pages about 180, paper 100g Impression
  • Number of photos 180+
  • RRP 60 €, price for members 50 € (including postage to Finland)

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